First-time Loganville City Council candidate says she is proud of her city

By Chris Bridges - the Walton Tribune

Spring Hoffman Crowder says unity is key for success in Loganville

Spring Hoffman Crowder is making her first run at elected office, something which came about due to her passion for her city.

Crowder is running for a seat on the Loganville City Council saying she “works everyday to bring people together.

“I have worked or been involved with church for my entire life,” she said. “I felt like God was calling on me to step outside my church bubble and be more involved in my local community. I saw a show come to Loganville and transform the downtown into something that was vibrant and full of life. I decided that I could be an agent of change and help make that a reality.”

Crowder describes herself as someone who has a passion for restoring beauty and thinking creatively to accomplish something special.

“ I wanted to be part of the solution not just murmuring about the problems,” the candidate said. “So instead of sitting on the sidelines, all the ‘why nots’ became the fuel to my why.” I want to be the good and see the good in the every day.

Crowder has two kids, Clover (2) and Bear (7), and a her husband Justin. She has lived in the Loganville area all of her life, growing up in Snellville, Lilburn and Grayson.

“My husband and I have lived in Loganville for almost eight years,” she said. “My father, Buddy Hoffman, was the founding pastor for the Grace Family of Churches and was born and raised in Tucker. My husband and his family were from Dacula. We are Georgia natives through and through. I work at Grace New Hope, in hospitality and aesthetics. I love God, people and our city.”

Crowder said the most important issue is to have unity.

“If there isn’t unity nothing will get accomplished,” she said. “We need someone who can see all sides and perspectives and take the best of each idea, and create safe, non-divisive places, for things to actually get done. We need to find common ground and create smart controlled growth that will leave a lasting legacy.”

In addition, Crowder said wants to find ways for Loganville to grow but also keep its small town feel.

“What does smart growth look like? I believe that means no apartment complexes. I want housing to be affordable, but I want it done in a way that is charming, with architectural standards. It would be nice to have a walkable downtown, with parks, green spaces, fast casual restaurants, ice cream shops and a coffee shop. A place where community members can gather. When we gather, we cross paths with people from all different walks of life and learn that all people have value and we’re not as different as we might have thought.”

Crowder, one of eight candidates for running for Loganville City Council, said he wants to hear from her fellow citizens. She said she may be somewhat new but she is a good listener.

“At the end of the day, I want what’s best for Loganville as a whole and I want the citizens to know that I care about them as people not votes, whether you’re inside or outside the city limits, Loganville belongs to the citizens,” she said. “I will take the time to listen, respond and hear your point of view. No matter if we agree or disagree, we can all be respectful and kind to one another. You don’t know what you don’t know, but what one person can do so can another person. I’m willing to step up and step into relationships and make a difference, and don’t judge me by my pink hair, as my husband says, ‘You’d never know it by the way you look honey, but you’re actually probably the most fiscally conservative person running for city council.’ I look for the good in the everyone. The world is a better place when you choose see the good and be the good.”

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