Focus: On Monroe mayoral candidates in advance of early voting beginning Tuesday

In this episode of Focus with Darrell Everidge, the focus is on the two candidates running for mayor of the City of Monroe – incumbent Mayor John Howard and challenger, political newcomer Emilio Kelly. The two candidates speak on what contributions they have made to the city and the community, what challenges they believe the city faces going forward and what they believe they would bring to the table in the next four years should he be re-elected in the case of Howard or elected for a first term in the case of Kelly. 

Focus: An interview with City of Monroe mayoral candidates with Darrell Everidge

The Municipal Elections for the City of Monroe will take place on Nov. 2, 2021. Early voting begins on Tuesday, Oct. 12 and will include two Saturday voting days, Oct. 16 and 23 for those who were registered to vote in the Monroe municipal elections by Oct. 4, 2021.

The following candidates will appear on the ballot.

Monroe Mayor

  • John Howard
  • Emilio Kelly

Monroe City Council District 3

  • Ross Bradley
  • Charles Boyce III

Monroe City Council District 6

  • Ty Gregory

Monroe City Council District 8

  • David Dickinson (I)
  • William Owens

Darrell Everidge has also shared a Focus interview with District 8 candidates, incumbent Councilman David Dickinson and political newcomer Bill Owens.

The Walton County Board of Elections conducts elections for the City of Monroe. They are located at 1110 East Spring Street, Suite 100, in Monroe. Only residents of the incorporated City of Monroe are eligible to vote for Mayor and Council. The following candidates are on the ballot:

To locate your polling place for county, state or federal elections, you can use the Secretary of State “Poll Locator” feature. You will need name, date of birth and county of residence to access this information at . The locations for Monroe elections are:

If you have any questions, you can contact Walton County Board of Elections at 770-267-1337 or

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