Fuzions granted limited liquor license under new ownership

Melanie Ann Jackson contributed to this report

After losing its liquor license in February and reapplying twice without success, the City of Monroe Tuesday granted a limited license to Fuzions Bar and Grill under the name of the new owner, Regimen Mathew. It is, however, only for six months, at which time it will be re-evaluated.

According to the city, the denial in February against the original applicant, Mike Brown, was based on the fact that he was not the registered owner. Brown, however, refuted that claim, saying at the time that he was in the process of selling the business, but the deal had not yet closed because there was still money owed.

“The truth is someone had an interest in buying, and paid me some money, but never fully fulfilled the agreement, so I never let them take over in any sort of way,” Brown said at the time. He appealed in March but his appeal was denied.

In May, Mathew applied for a liquor license as the new owner of Fuzions. Brown said he no longer had any interest in the business and the sale had been finalized. However, the City Council again denied the application after a presentation by the Monroe Police Department citing statistics that showed excessive calls to the location during its operation. Fuzions attorney contested the denial of the license as it had not been given an opportunity to present its side of the story. Monroe’s City Attorney conceded that was indeed the case and Fuzions got another shot at applying for the license on June 12, 2018 at the June City Council meeting.

In making the case to the city, Fuzion’s attorney, Manny Arora, said Mathew’s plan for Fuzions was to make it a more family-friendly environment, including improving the security and lighting. The previous problems, he said, were on the previous owner and Mathew wanted to make the necessary changes to operate a different kind of establishment.

The city agreed to give him six months to see if he could make it work.

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