Fuzions liquor license back on Agenda for Monroe city officials

The City of Monroe will have its June Called City Council Meeting on Tuesday, June 5, 2018. The matter of the liquor license that was pulled from Fuzions Bar and Grill back in February is back on the agenda. The meeting takes place at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 5, 2018 at City Hall on N. Broad Street in Monroe. The public is invited to attend.

The full calendar follows.

2.     City Administrator Update

3.     Central Services Update


1.     Finance

a.     Monthly Finance Report

b.     FY2017 Popular Annual Financial Report

2.     Airport

a.     Monthly Airport Report

b.     Airport Recognition

c.      Approval – Airport Apron Project

3.     Public Works

a.     Monthly Solid Waste Report

b.     Monthly Streets & Transportation Report

4.     Utilities

a.     Monthly Electric & Telecom Report

b.     Monthly Water, Sewer, Gas, & Stormwater Report

c.      Approval – Rehab of Two Meadow Walk Subdivision Retention Ponds

d.     Approval – Bryant Road Gas Main Replacement

e.      Approval – Media Blasting of Interior Walls at older Water Treatment Plant Building

f.      Purchase – Electric Line Truck

g.     Purchase – Electric Material

5.     Public Safety

a.     Monthly Fire Report

b.     Monthly Police Report

c.      Approval – Police Department Design Selection

6.     Planning & Code

a.     Monthly Code Report

7.     Economic Development

a.     Monthly Economic Development Report


1.     Upcoming Public Hearings

a.     Variance – 911 North Broad Street

b.     2018 Community Work Program Update

2.     Application – Spirituous Liquors and Beer & Wine On-Premise Consumption – Fuzions

3.     Variance – 911 North Broad Street

4.     Application – Beer & Wine Package Sales – Hotel-Motel In-Room Service – Sparrow Hill Inn

5.     2nd Reading – Speed Zone Ordinance

6.     Approval – 2018 Community Work Program Update

7.     Resolution – 2018 Community Work Program

8.     Appointment – Library Board

9.     2019 SPLOST Intergovernmental Agreement

10.  Approval – Council Chambers Upgrade

11.  Discussion – Highway 83 Development – Mazzawi Tract


1.     Approval – Intergovernmental Agreement – John Deere Road


  1. Real Estate Issue (s)


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