GCPD to hold hiring event for 50 police officers, 20 dispatch and 911 officers

Press release rom Gwinnett County Police Department

(Lawrenceville, Georgia) The Gwinnett County Police Department is currently hiring for 50 vacant police officer positions and 20 vacant communications officer (911 and dispatch) positions.  GCPD will hold a hiring event on December 2 & 3, 2017 at the Gwinnett Police Training Center located at 854 Winder Highway, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045.  The event will run from 8:00am to 6:00pm both days.  Walk-ups are welcome, but we recommend applicants visit www.gwinnettpolicejobs.com<http://www.gwinnettpolicejobs.com/> to pre-register and begin required paperwork. This will speed up the process for applicants once they arrive.

Applicants for police officer and communications officer attending the event will complete a large portion of the hiring process on the same day and should plan on spending a few hours at the Training Center.  Police applicants will participate in an orientation session, physical fitness assessment, and panel interview.  Communications applicants will participate in a data entry exam and panel interview.

Why Gwinnett Police?

Time – All applicants are subject to a thorough background investigation.  At GCPD, our goal is to complete the hiring process in 90 days or less, which is already significantly faster than many Metro Atlanta police agencies.  Most applicants’ background investigations are completed well before the 90 day mark, and attendance at the hiring event will make the process even faster.

Pay – Starting salary for a Police Officer Trainee is $37,156 ($39,385 with a bachelor’s degree).  Police Officer Trainees automatically promote to Police Officer Senior on their one year anniversary with successful completion of the police academy and field training program.  Base salary is increased to $41,538 at that point ($44,030 with a bachelor’s degree).

After two years at the rank of Police Officer Senior, officers are eligible for a non-competitive promotion to Master Police Officer with completion of certain training requirements.  Base salary is increased to $47,623 at that point ($50,480 with 4 year college degree).

Starting pay for communications officers is $34,748.

The salary and benefits package offered by GCPD is competitive with other large police agencies in Georgia.  After an applicant receives a final job offer, they can begin work immediately for full pay.  Recruits will receive a non-enforcement assignment within the department until the next academy begins.  Communications officers will immediately begin training in the 911 Call Center.

Opportunity – Upon graduation from the academy, police recruits are sworn in as police officers.  Two years from an officer’s date of hire, they are eligible for assignment to a special unit.  GCPD is a large, full service department, and has a wide range of assignments, including K9, SWAT, Criminal Investigations (detectives), Hazardous Devices Unit, Motorcycle Unit, DUI Unit, Accident Investigation Unit, Aviation, and Narcotics.

Please visit www.gwinnettpolicejobs.com<http://www.gwinnettpolicejobs.com/> for more information, and to apply.

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