GDOT to host neighborhood meeting on Monroe Bypass on Feb. 7

There will be a neighborhood meeting with the Georgia Department of Transportation from 5 – 7 p.m. on Feb. 7, 2019, in the 2nd-floor jury assembly room of the Walton County Courthouse at 303 South Hammond Drive. The meeting is to discuss plans and impacts of the planned State Route 83 Connector, aka the Monroe bypass, from SR 11 to SR 83.

The meeting is the result of requests and petitions by residents in the Brush Creek neighborhood for the GDOT to give them more information and allow some input since the connector, as it stands, will go right through their neighborhood. Residents in Brush Creek believe the citizen involvement has been insufficient and this meeting is an attempt to address those concerns. They have been obtaining signatures to petition GDOT to hold more public hearings.

We need a truck route for Monroe, Georgia, but planners have refused to work with our communities who are directly affected by it. We have questions that need answers,” Gareth Fenley, a resident of Brush Creek who has been heading the push for more community involvement in the process, says in the petition.

Georgia DOT officials invited people to attend, noting that the opinion of residents is important to GDOT and the meeting is part of the effort to keep the neighborhood informed of the status and design for the project. “The purpose of the meeting is to provide information on the status of the project and to gather public input and answer questions in regard to the conceptual layout,” GDOT wrote in the invite.

The bypass has been almost two decades in planning and many in the community have been in support of getting heavy traffic out of the downtown area of Monroe for several years.


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