Georgia and Taiwan officially recognize historic driving partnership

Georgians now have the opportunity to explore new roads across the world, literally.

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On September 30, the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) signed an agreement to mutually recognize driver’s licenses between Taiwan and the State of Georgia.

The agreement will take effect immediately. Anyone who holds a driver’s license in the State of Georgia can now receive an equivalent license in Taiwan, and vice-versa, without needing to undergo a written or road driving test.

This is a historical moment of reciprocity for the Georgia DDS. Taiwan is only the second country to have entered into this agreement with the state, South Korea being the first in 2013.

Georgia has become the 36th state government to have signed a reciprocal driver’s license agreement with Taiwan as many states across the country are strengthening their ties to this US ally in the Indo-Pacific.

“Now it will be more convenient for foreign internationals to study, settle, and work within each country.” said Director-General Elliot Wang.

Any Georgia resident who holds an Alien Residence Certificate in Taiwan, a valid US driver’s license, valid passport, and a valid health certificate issued by a Taiwan public hospital will now be able to apply and receive a permanent driver’s license in the island nation without any hiccups.

Anyone needing assistance in receiving consular services for a potential visit, study, or residence in Taiwan can contact the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Atlanta. For more information please visit
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