Georgia earns a C in social distancing, Walton County even lower than that

While we still have a lot to learn about COVID-19, social distancing is widely accepted as an effective way of slowing the spread and containing the disease. This is the strategy recommended by both the World Health Organization and the CDC.

So how are we doing as a state, and as a county?

Not so good, according to a new Social Distancing Scoreboard that ranks individual areas to help raise awareness as to how an area is doing for “public health experts, policymakers, academics, community leaders, and businesses in retail and real estate.”

According to the ranking dashboard that covers the whole of the United States, which scores a C overall, Georgia comes in at a C-. Gwinnett County actually is doing better than both the state and the country, scoring a B-.

But Walton County, well it isn’t doing so well at all. At the moment it receives a dismal D-.

It could be worse, there are some counties in Georgia that score F – a straight failing grade. But truthfully, is D- really a passing grade?

It could be so much better, and it is actually critical that we make every effort to make it so. In the words of the author of the Social Distancing Scoreboard, “If we don’t take these measures, tens of millions will be infected, many will die, along with anybody else that requires intensive care, because the healthcare system will have collapsed.”

According to the current trajectory that Georgia is on, we are projected to peak on April 24 with 96 Georgians dying each day as a result of COVID-19. And when the season is eventually projected to burn itself out somewhere around June 9, 2020, we could have lost 3,232 Georgians to this disease. We can change that by committing to obey the social distancing regulations and keeping ourselves and our communities safe.

Click or tap on this link for the scoreboard, which is updated regularly, to see how we are doing as a country, a state, and a county and what metrics are fed into the scoreboard to come up with grades.

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