Georgia Jeepers prepare to help in potential impact of Hurricane Irma

It looks like at least some parts of the southeast, and possibly even parts of Georgia, are likely to be impacted by Hurricane Irma sometime in the next five days, and local organizations are already preparing to help those who may be in need.

Georgia Jeepers. Contributed photo

As they did in the 2014 winter storms that immobilized much of Atlanta, Georgia Jeepers have put out the word and stand ready should the call come. Tommy Cope, of Loganville, passed on the message on the Facebook page, calling on members of the Georgia Jeepers Emergency Response Team to be prepared.

“As of today it looks like this is going to get really ugly and we need to be prepared for this. I urge you to get yourself ready for something we do not hardly ever see in Georgia.. In no way am I telling you to go out and risk your life in a dangerous situation that you are not trained for, but keeping your Jeep loaded with drinking water, blankets, flashlights, life jackets, I would think would be the best, if power and cell service goes out make sure now that your CB works,” the message read. Jeepers were also advised to throw in a kayak or canoe if they had access to one. “Not only if the metro Atlanta area just gets a lot of rain, we know there will be damage close to us..and we need to be prepared.”

If you are not a part of the Georgia Jeepers ERT and would like to be, you can submit your name, cell#, county you are in, type of recovery gear you have, and if you have and certificates such as first aid, emt, etc, etc.. to


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