Georgia legislative update Week 1 from Rep. Bruce Williamson (R-Monroe)

Monroe native and current resident, Dr. Harris Malcom, Missionary with the Georgia Baptist Association, was introduced by Rep. Bruce Williamson this week as the House of Representatives Chaplain of the Day.

In introducing his life-long friend, Rep. Williamson was reminded of James 1:2 in the way that Dr. Malcom trusts God and leans into Him.  He reminded members of the House to find contentment, confidence, and companionship, courage and comfort in the Lord throughout 2020.


Our goal during the 2020 Legislative Session is to build on our success to keep Georgia moving in the right direction. Under Republican leadership the state has

✅ Fully funded the Quality Basic Education formula for two years in a row

✅ Remained the #1 state to do business for 7 years in a row

✅ Ensured better access to quality, affordable health care

Did you know Georgia’s unemployment rate is the lowest it has ever been in state history at 3.3 percent? In 2019, our state added over 64,000 new private-sector jobs employing hardworking Georgians across the state. There is no doubt that with Republican leadership Georgia is moving in the right direction!

Georgia Rep. Bruce Williamson (R-Monroe). Contributed

Rep. Bruce Williams (R-Monroe) represents District 115 in the Georgia House of Representatives.


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