Georgia named Best Summer Destination by Wealthcare Financial

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Fort Yargo State Park. Photo credit: Georgia Parks

Recently, Wealthcare Financial wealth planners reported that a new Google Trends analysis revealed queries for vacationing like “summer travel” have significantly increased, up at some point by 60 % in just a 24 hour period. The company decided to do an analysis and put together a report on the most and least expensive states to travel to this summer based on Google price data.

Georgia came in at No. 1.

Weathcare Financial reported that as the least expensive state to travel to vacationers can expect to spend an average of $126 on a night in a hotel and three meals. A hotel night in Georgia is among the top 10 cheapest with one night averaging $87. Road tripping in Georgia is also a cost-effective way to vacation this summer since gas in Georgia at that time averaged $3.95 a gallon, making it the least expensive state to fill up in. (This has since gone up, but at $4.493 a gallon on June 14, according to AAA, Georgia gas is still the cheapest in the nation.)

“Since many people haven’t been able to travel for the past 2 summers, travelers should expect to pay premiums and deal with crowds this summer,” says Shaun Tarzy, Managing Partner at Wealthcare Financial. 

Michael Boggiano, Managing Partner at Wealthcare Financial says, “People waiting for last-minute travel deals might be in for a rude awakening since everyone is trying to move back to the pre-pandemic era when it comes to traveling. Anyone looking to travel this summer should be planning ahead.”

According to Wealthcare Financial, Georgia leads the nation as the least expensive state overall to consider for a summer vacation, followed by Tennessee, Washington, Texas and Michigan. On the other end of the spectrum, the top five most expensive states for a summer vacation are Hawaii, followed by Maine, Delaware, New Mexico and New York.

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