Georgia Rep. Williamson addresses sales tax collections in his recap of the 2nd week of the General Assembly

In the second week of the Georgia General Assembly, the House passed a bill that changes the way sales tax is collected for e-commerce. Lawmakers say it levels the playing field for small Mom and Pop stores that have always had to collect and remit sales tax for goods sold. Georgia Rep. Bruce Williamson (R-Williamson) addressed this in his recap of last week’s session.

“Last week, the House passed HB 276, also known as the marketplace facilitator bill, which seeks to update our tax code relating to e-commerce sales and how taxes are collected on those sales. It is important to note that this bill IS NOT a sales tax increase on you but fixes a problem with how sales tax is being collected and remitted back to the state. This bill levels the playing field for small mom and pop businesses in Georgia and closes a loophole,” Williamson said.

To learn more about HB 276 click or tap on this link.

Williamson also gave an update on successes of the Hands-Free Georgia Act that the House Republican Caucus championed.

“In 2018, the Georgia House Republican Caucus championed the Hands-Free Georgia Act which prohibits an individual from texting on, watching a video with, or physically holding a cellphone while driving. For the first time in 10 years, Georgia has seen a significant reduction in year-over-year traffic fatalities all thanks to the Hands-Free law,” Williamson said.

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