Georgia State University names local students to the Spring 2019 President’s List

ATLANTA, GA (06/06/2019)– To be eligible for the President’s List, degree-seeking students must have earned a GPA of at least 4.0 for a minimum of nine semester hours of academic credit taken at Georgia State during the fall or spring term with no incompletes for the semester. Eligible students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all classes taken at Georgia State.

Students named to the President’s List from your coverage area include:

Ashley Ake of Monroe (30655)

Aaron Fields of Monroe (30655)

Alana Kawall of Loganville (30052)

Alison Leach of Loganville (30052)

Andrew Marsh of Loganville (30052)

Alejandro Martinez of Loganville (30052)

Aidon Minzenmayer of Loganville (30052)

Anna Fouts of Loganville (30052)

Ashton Weeks of Social Circle (30025)

Christopher Evans of Social Circle (30025)

Colby Hall of LOGANVILLE (30052)

Clay Jones of LOGANVILLE (30052)

Caitlin Ray of Loganville (30052)

Daynah Coriolan of Loganville (30052)

Dayna Simmons of Loganville (30052)

Della Thomas of Loganville (30052)

Danielle Vess of Monroe (30655)

Emily Buck of Loganville (30052)

Emily Kue of Monroe (30656)

Emma Musgrove of Monroe (30655)

Elizabeth Shuford of Monroe (30655)

Eliza Todorova of Monroe (30655)

Faith Reed of Social Circle (30025)

Gloria Guzman of Monroe (30655)

Heather Owens of Loganville (30052)

Hailey Persaud of Loganville (30052)

Jeffrey Cohenour of Social Circle (30025)

Jordan Johnson of Loganville (30052)

John Meents of Monroe (30656)

Jeremy Mullis of Loganville (30052)

Joshua Mundy of Monroe (30656)

John Pardue of Monroe (30655)

Kaitlyn Abercrombie of Social Circle (30025)

Katherine Greer of Loganville (30052)

Karlee Hitchcock of Loganville (30052)

Katelyn Johnson of Loganville (30052)

Kofi Osae of Loganville (30052)

Kelsi Quick of Loganville (30052)

Kimberly Rios of MONROE (30656)

Kira Sands of Loganville (30052)

Kynley Swain of Loganville (30052)

Kelly Hawkins of Loganville (30052)

Lucius Weaver of Social Circle (30025)

Mackenzie Bailey of Social Circle (30025)

Michaela Cole of social circle (30025)

Megan Forbes of LOGANVILLE (30052)

Michael Hines of Loganville (30052)

Mya Ireland of Social Circle (30025)

Magan Katnis of Loganville (30052)

Mikala Waters of Social Circle (30025)

Nebechi Okpala of Loganville (30052)

Patrick Bardy of Social Circle (30025)

Pethuel Korankye of Loganville (30052)

Parris Maguire of Loganville (30052)

Rachel Johnston of Social Circle (30025)

Shallen Case of Monroe (30655)

Shawn Clarke of loganville (30052)

Sarah Kozicki of Monroe (30656)

Sashanna Smith of Loganville (30052)

Taylor Brandon of LOGANVILLE (30052)

Taylor Paschal of Loganville (30052)

Trevor Underwood of Social Circle (30025)

Victoria Aaron of LOGANVILLE (30052)

Georgia State University, an enterprising urban public research university, is a national leader in graduating students from widely diverse backgrounds.

The student body of nearly 52,000 demonstrates that students from all backgrounds can achieve at high rates with unsurpassed connections to the city’s business, government, nonprofit and cultural organizations.

This press release was prepared for Your Local News at Merit Media.

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