Georgia’s hunting and fishing license fees to go up this summer

For the first time in 25 years, Georgians will be paying more for hunting and fishing licenses. The new fee schedule, signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Nathan Deal under House Bill 208, goes into effect on July 1. It raises the cost of an annual hunting and fishing license from $17 to $30.

In a press release announcing the changes, the governor’s office noted that the bill was crafted with input from residents and sport and wildlife groups with more than 85 percent of those involved supporting the changes.

With the additional revenue raised, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources will be able to add about 40 more conservation rangers, increase fish stocking, improve boating access in both fresh and salt waters, add more youth education opportunities, create more shooting ranges and in general improve wildlife and fish habitats and management on public and private lands and waterways.

It was noted that this brings Georgia more into line with hunting and fishing licenses in surrounding states. South Carolina charges $22 for a comparable license and Florida charges $32.50.

Click or tap on this link for all fee changes going into effect this summer as a result of HB 208.


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