Goat Yoga is in Loganville again this weekend

There is Goat Yoga at Double Durango Farm in Loganville again this weekend. If you missed out before, you get another chance at 10 a.m. this weekend. Click or tap on Facebook page Just Kidding Around for more information.
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It seems that one of the biggest trends at the moment is goat yoga. And why not! Those involved say it’s fun, it’s relaxing and it takes you back to nature. Well, if it’s something you’re interested in trying, you have a chance right here in Loganville.
Yoga instructor, Beau Sellers, is holding his first Goat Yoga class this weekend at a farm in Loganville. The idea of this goat yoga class,  however, was not originally his. But he was quick to hop on board.
“I have been a yoga instructor since September 2017. I completed my training at Ebb & Flow in Loganville,” Sellers said. “Goat yoga was entirely my wife’s idea at first. She was looking for something fun to do together and came across goat yoga. It sounded awesome, but there wasn’t anywhere around here offering classes.”
So that was when he began looking around for a location to hold the classes himself, and now has one in Loganville that he believes will work just fine.
Goat Yoga begins in Loganville with yoga instructor Beau Sellers at “Just Kidding Around Yoga.” Contributed photo
“I have a slightly different approach to yoga and I’m a kinda crazy guy, so I felt like goat yoga was right up my alley. I really enjoy teaching kids classes and camps and having fun with yoga. I feel like adults can benefit from fun too, sometimes we take ourselves too seriously,” he said. “Although I think it’s important to have a serious yoga practice, I also think it’s important to let loose and have fun as well. For those that might not try a regular yoga class, goat yoga provides a fun experience to try something new and not worry about what others think. Goat yoga is a great way for people to get outside and get their bodies moving. Most of all, we hope that people will just have fun and then go spread joy back into the community.”
As far as the classes go, they are an hour long, “with plenty of Nigerian dwarf goats surrounding us,” Sellers said. “We are asking people to bring a yoga mat or beach towel, and wear or bring flip flops. Wear clothes that you are comfortable with a goat nibbling on.”
Just Kidding Around Yoga goat yoga instructor Beau Sellers with Nigerian dwarf goat. Contributed photo
The classes are for anyone from the age of 8 and up. The first class is scheduled for this weekend, April 28, 2018. It is limited to 25 people and the cost is $25.
“We ask that kids be able to stay on their mat for the 1 hr class and not chase the goats around. No outside pets/food allowed,” Sellers said.
Registration is through email justkiddingaroundyoga@gmail.com. You can find out more on Facebook and Instagram @justkiddingaroundyoga.
This trend is reported to be taking the country by storm with some people traveling hundreds of miles to participate and some locations with a 1,200 person waiting list, according to CNN.Com. You get the opportunity right here on your doorstep, with newly-birthed Nigerian dwarf goats waiting to get in on the action.

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