Going Fishing at HLCR? Don’t forget to log your catch in the first month and win $100 gift voucher

With a line of patient anglers waiting Friday, March 9, 2018, the ribbon was cut and the public access area to Hard Labor Creek Reservoir in Walton County was officially opened. One by one, the boats were launched from the boat dock and eager anglers got to throw out a line.

There also was fishing from the bank that weekend, and some little anglers had great catches. Check out this 3.5 pounder caught from the bank by Kayleigh Collins!

Kayleigh Collins caught this 3.5 pounders. Contributed Photo

Don’t forget to get your catch in. The countdown has begun. Your Local News has paired with Frog’s Pawn & Sales in Walton County to make your first month’s fishing at HLCR worthwhile. A $100 gift voucher for the person who catches the most fish in one day (within the legal limit) and another $100 gift voucher for the person who catches the largest fish, by weight, in the first month at HLCR, will be awarded by Frog’s Pawn & Sales. If you’re an expert angler, you could even win the whole $200!

There are, however, rules to this contest.


  1.  Number of fish caught must be in keeping with state legal limits. Click or tap on this link for state fishing limits. Click or tap on this link for all state fishing regulations.
  2. Fishing from HLCR must be in keeping with HLCR rules and regulations. Click or tap on this link for HLCR rules and regulations.
  3. If more than one fisherman, or woman, catches the same number of fish deemed to be the most caught during the period of the contest, their names will all be put in a hat and the first name drawn will be deemed the winner of that $100. In order to verify the number of fish caught, a photo must be taken of the full day’s catch and an affidavit provided, signed by a witness, giving the date and verifying that the catch was the lone named fisherman, or woman’s, full catch for that day.
  4. For the biggest catch, by weight, a photo reflecting the catch on a scale reflecting the weight, should be submitted.
  5. Photos submitted can be shared by Your Local News on the website or Facebook page as well as by Frogs Pawn and Sales.
  6. The length of the contest will end the close of public access at sunset on April 12, 2018, a full month from the opening of the public access to Hard Labor Creek.
  7. The winners of the gift certificates will be announced on Saturday, April 14, 2018, at Frog’s Grand Opening celebration for their new small engine repair and Husqvarna Dealership at the Frog’s location in Monroe.
  8. Entry photos and details must be emailed to sharon@waltonliving.com giving name of fisherman or woman, date of catch and contact information for notification of winners. The catches will be shared on Your Local News as they come in. Feel free to include angler in the photo.

Happy Fishing!

And now for the really good news. Frogs Pawn & Sales carry rods and fishing gear, along with many other products, including musical instruments, jewelry and firearms. Click or tap on this link or view the video below to find out all that they carry.


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