Gov. Kemp, Lt. Gov. Duncan, Speaker Ralston Issue Joint Statement on Georgia Election

Biden in the lead but military ballots still out

Georgia’s election has still not been called even though former Vice President Joe Biden has taken the lead over President Donald Trump by 1,585 votes. There were 8,900 military ballots sent out that could still come in and be counted. With law suits already filed and more expected to come, today Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan and Speaker David Ralston issued the following joint statement.

“Free and fair elections are the foundation of our American government. Any allegations of intentional fraud or violations of election law must be taken seriously and investigated. We trust that our Secretary of State will ensure that the law is followed as written and that Georgia’s election result includes all legally-cast ballots — and only legally-cast ballots.

We will continue to follow this situation to ensure a fair and transparent process.”

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