Graduation rates up across the board in Walton County and Social Circle public school systems

by stephen graham - the walton tribune

Graduation rates are up across the board in Walton County, as both public school systems reported record numbers for graduation in the past year.
The Walton County School District’s graduation rate increased for the sixth consecutive year, rising to 94.9% in 2022. All three high schools surpassed 93% and set new school records.
Loganville High School had the highest rate in the county, with 96.1%, while Monroe Area and Walnut Grove high schools reported the same rate of 93.9%.
All three systems were reporting numbers in the 80s only a few years ago.
The district’s graduation rate continues to surpass the state of Georgia by an increasingly larger percentage, outscoring the state rate of 84.1% by 10.8 percentage points.
Social Circle reported similar numbers. Social Circle City School district’s graduation rate for 2022 is 93.7%. This trend continues a trajectory for Social Circle High School of performing consistently above 90% for the past six years and well above the state rate.
“We continue increasing our academic expectations for all
students. The success of our students continues to drive our instruction in the classroom,” SCHS principal Tim Armstrong said.
All results are recorded on the 4-year cohort method, based on the number of students that graduate within four years plus one summer and includes adjustments for student transfers.
In 2022, all WCSD subgroups surpassed the State and rates for the Black, White, Multiracial and Students with Disabilities sub-groups reached new record highs. Graduation rates for Asian/Pacific Islander (100%), Black (94.8%), Hispanic (90.3%), Multi-Racial (96.8%), White (95.4%) and
English Learners (90.3%) all surpassed 90 percent. While rates for Students with Disabilities (84.9%) and Economically Disadvantaged (84.4%) students surpassed 80 percent.
SCHS’s two most significant subgroups included 86.96% of Black students and 94.6% of White seniors graduating in their 4- year cohort. Students listed as Economically Disadvantaged (students eligible to receive free/reduced meals) were also accounted for, with the associated graduation rate at 93.6%. Other sub-groups at SCCS include fewer than 15 students, which the state does not report separately but contains in the overall data.
“Congratulations to our 2022 graduates, teachers, support staff and administrators on achieving the highest graduation rates in district and school history,” WCSD Superintendent Nathan Franklin said. “This is a district-wide achievement that reflects the hard work, dedication and support of our pre-k through grade 12 teachers, support staff and stakeholders. I am proud of our continued success and ability to produce graduates who are well-prepared to succeed in college, career and military opportunities after highschool.”
Social Circle officials echoed such sentiments.
“In Social Circle, our students are always our main focus,” outgoing SCCS Superintendent Robbie Hooker said. “This data is reflective of the hard work done throughout the years to achieve this success. It is outstanding to have this kind of consistency for our students and their families in the community. I commend our students and their families for their hard work, along with the teachers and leaders for their role in making this happen.”

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