GWA students pay tribute to Vietnam Veterans

A team of Vietnam Veterans land a Huey Helicopter on the campus of George Walton Academy. Contributed photo

Over the past two months, George Walton Academy students have been engaged in a humanities intensive study on the Vietnam War entitled “I Did It For You,” said Rebecca Williams, director of marketing and strategic communications for GWA. “In addition to studying a variety of aspects of the conflict within their science, English, history, visual arts and music classes, they have also been expressing appreciation to Vietnam Veterans for their service and sacrifice.”

Williams said that during this time, dozens of veterans have visited the GWA campus to share their stories and students also have taken field trips to memorial sites and museums.

“A team of veterans even landed a Huey helicopter on campus,” she said.

Student artwork and writings on this subject will be on display at the Walton County Government Buildings at 303 Hammond Drive in Monroe from March 18 -25, 2018. The study will conclude with a special reception at 2 p.m. on March 25 at the Government Buildings. During the reception, Vietnam Veterans will be honored and commemorative books of the student creations will be presented.


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