Gwinnett County new property maintenance code at residential rental properties now in force

Gwinnett Code Enforcement began enforcing the interior standards of the International Property Maintenance Code at residential rental properties on July 31. These new requirements were adopted by the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners to help maintain a safe, livable, and healthy community. 

Tenants can request an inspection by visiting, emailing, or calling 770.513.5004.

Once a request is submitted, an inspection appointment will be scheduled. During the inspection, any code violations will be documented on a notice of violation. A Gwinnett Code Enforcement officer will then work with the property owner or manager to address all violations

These ordinances were recently modified by the Board of Commissioners to enable stronger enforcement of living conditions of residential rental properties. Commissioners said the code focuses on such areas as structural maintenance, light, ventilation and occupancy, plumbing, heating and electricity and fire safety. These standards are designed to enhance the safety and quality of residential rental properties within the county and now allows code enforcement officers to work directly with tenants.

Chairwoman Nicole Love Hendrickson said previously this resolution ensures that all residents feel valued and holds landlords accountable for how their properties are maintained.

In addition, the Property Maintenance Ordinance introduced new sections dedicated to specific property maintenance aspects.

These include the maintenance of the following areas:

  • Lighting on non-residential, hotel & multifamily properties
  • The upkeep of properties in a sanitary manner
  • Canopies and building extensions
  • Chimneys and Towers

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