Gwinnett County officials warn pet owners after rabid cat found in Dacula

Gwinnett County advises caution regarding unusual animal behavior after a rabid cat incident in Dacula on Tuesday, May 30. They are urging pet owners to ensure pets are vaccinated against rabies.

Unvaccinated dogs and cats exposed to a rabid animal must be strictly quarantined for four months and vaccinated one month prior to being released.

If exposed, you need to inform your medical staff and contact the Gwinnett County Health Department at 770.339.4260. Report and arrange pickup of the animal by calling Gwinnett Animal Welfare and Enforcement Bite Office at 770.339.3200 ext. 5576; after hours, call Dispatch non-emergency at 770.513.5700. 

Learn more about protecting your family from rabies at this link.

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