Gwinnett County Police Department using ‘cruise lights’ more and more

Press release from Gwinnett County Police Department

Lawrenceville, Georgia)  The Gwinnett County Police Department is joining the growing number of police departments throughout the US that are using their “cruise lights” more and more.  Cruise lights are non-flashing blue lights mounted on the top of the vehicle in the light bar.  Many officers use them while performing area checks of neighborhoods, commercial areas, and retail establishments.

Gwinnett County Police Department using cruise lights more and more. Photo credit: Gwinnett County Police Departmen t.

The cruise lights are used to bring a level of comfort to the community that police officers are in the area and are there if you need us.  For those traveling in front of an officer with cruise lights, you do not need to pull over.

Cruise lights are not used to perform traffic stops.  Blue lights used in traffic stops are flashing.  GCPD patrol cars have flashing blue and red lights.  They will flash from the light bar, push bumpers, headlights, and taillights.

The use of the cruise lights is at the officer’s and supervisor’s discretion.


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