Gwinnett County Public Schools has several office professional job postings

The Gwinnett County School System has many current job postings, including these in the Office Professionals departments. Click or tap on this link for more information or to apply for any of these job postings in the Office Professionals departments. Included in these open positions is one for Foster Care Liaisons.

Editors’ Note: These positions were found on the Gwinnett County Public Schools on Dec. 8, 2019. Please note they could be removed at any time due to the positions being filled.

  • Coord Accountability and Assessment – Assessment Office JobID: 62401 
Job Code:  Coord Accountability and Assmnt – 020014    Standard Hours:  40    Department:  Assessment Office – 212223    Empl Class:  NA
Minimum Salary:  $71,923.00/Annually    Maximum Salary:  $103,749.00/Annually    Scheduled Days:  246    Target Openings:  3
  •  Coordinator Research and Evaluation – Special ProjectsJobID: 63449
Job Code:  Coord Research and Evaluation – 020125    Standard Hours:  40    Department:  Research and Evaluation – 281105    Empl Class:  MPL
Minimum Salary:  $71,923.00/Annually    Maximum Salary:  $103,749.00/Annually    Scheduled Days:  246    Target Openings:  1
  •  Foster Care Liaison – Health & Social Services JobID: 63526 
Job Code:  Foster Care Liaison – 030357    Standard Hours:  40    Department:  Health & Social Services – 212110    Empl Class:  NA
Minimum Salary:  $49,463.00/Annually    Maximum Salary:  $76,070.00/Annually    Scheduled Days:  200    Target Openings:  1
  • Internal Auditor – Internal Audit DeptJobID: 63871 
Job Code:  Internal Auditor – 030258    Standard Hours:  40    Department:  Internal Audit Dept – 252514    Empl Class:  NA
Minimum Salary:  $49,463.00/Annually    Maximum Salary:  $76,070.00/Annually    Scheduled Days:  246    Target Openings:  1

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