Gwinnett County Schools experience technical issues on first day of digital learning

With some schools dealing with having to quarantine students almost right out of the gate, as has been the case with some Walton County schools, and others having to deal with technical issues related to digital learning, COVID-19 is still playing havoc with education.

Today was the first day of virtual school for Gwinnett County’s 180,000 students, but it didn’t go quite as planned. About half the students had difficulty logging-in, leaving them as well as parents and faculty frustrated.

“Day 1 of bringing all of Gwinnett’s students online for digital learning presented some early challenges that made for a frustrating start to the new year for many students, families, and teachers. We regret the inconvenience and stress they experienced in the morning,” Gwinnett County Public Schools stated in a released statement. It noted that efforts to the resolve the issues were successful by mid-morning.

“Gwinnett County Public Schools’ technology systems were working as expected at 7 a.m. this morning when high school students began to access eCLASS, but issues developed as the number of students logging in increased. As a result, some students were able to log in, while others could not. Although the district ran tests on its systems, we could not replicate having tens of thousands of students actually logging on at the same time. Throughout the morning, our technology team worked diligently to identify the problems, take corrective action, and get more students online and into their digital classes faster. Ultimately, we succeeded in having approximately 150,000 users online and learning at 11 a.m. Our pledge is to do a better job tomorrow.”

Officials have asked that in order to avoid some of the technology issues experienced on the first day back and to balance the number of users logging in at one time, GCPS students are asked to log-in as early as possible in the morning and not wait until their first class begins.

Gwinnett County Public Schools initially had given the option of online as well as digital from Aug. 4. It then changed to offering only digital, beginning on Aug. 12. It has now laid out a plan to return to the classroom in small increments according to the following agenda.


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