Gwinnett PD gives tips on preventing commercial burglaries

press release from gwinnett police department

(Lawrenceville, Ga., Jan. 29, 2024) – Businesses play a vital role in our local economy, and their security is integral to the well-being of our county. The relationship with our local businesses is important to the quality of life in our community. Our department is committed to investigating crimes and arresting those responsible for any commercial burglaries. We will utilize all available technology to identify, locate, and apprehend those responsible for property crimes.

The Gwinnett County Police Department wants to offer commercial burglary prevention tips in an effort to reduce the number or severity of these types of crimes.

Leave the register open and empty, if applicable.

Light up all points of entry, including the rear of the business.
When closed, keep interior lights on as if the business is still open.
Keep the parking lot well-lighted.

Make sure the doors are structurally sound, especially double doors.

Always lock all doors. These doors should be checked at the close of every business day, even if a door is not routinely used.

Upgrade to extremely tamper-resistant glass.
Consider installing a retractable gate to cover the windows when the business is closed.
Remove window coverings or other obstructions from in front of the windows.

Trim the shrubbery around the windows so passersby can easily see inside.
Keep the hedges below the bottom windowsill, and prune the trees so that the leaves and branches are taller than the window visibility.

Keep safes anchored into the wall or floor.
Change the combination if an employee resigns or gets terminated.

Store Displays
At the end of the business day, remove all valuable items from the store window displays and safely secure them.

Remove any easy access points to the roof.

If your business has a surrounding fence, make sure there are no defects or breaks.
Install a taller fence and consider barbed wire if necessary.

Alarm System
Consider subscribing to an alarm company with 24/7 monitoring of the interior and exterior.
Install signs warning of video surveillance coverage.

Video Surveillance
Purchase a video surveillance system that uploads footage to the cloud.
Position the cameras for the best viewpoint of any suspect’s faces.

Security Patrols
If necessary, consider hiring security patrols. Multiple businesses may come together to split the cost of managing different properties.

Business Vehicles
If vehicles remain in the parking lot for limited use, make sure they are locked and all valuables (tools, electronics, etc.) are removed from within.
Secure any trailers with additional locks or block them from being stolen.

Property Documentation
Keep an updated inventory of all serial-numbered items.
Take routine photos of the workspaces so you can easily identify if something was stolen.

If a burglary has occurred at your business, call 911. Responding officers will ensure that no suspects are currently inside the building. They will also look for any evidentiary items, such as blood or items left by the suspects. When it is safe, the officers will escort the employees inside and complete an inventory of any items that were stolen or damaged.

To request a free Commercial Security Survey for your business, please complete  a Presentation Request Form.

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