Gwinnett Police officers use their own money to help homeless woman

Press release from Gwinnett County Police Department

Photo credit: Gwinnett County Police Department

(Norcross, Georgia)  On December 7th, 2019, Officer J. Wilson #1132 and Officer B. Villacis #2166, responded to 6005 Buford Highway in Norcross in reference to a female that appeared to be slumped over the wheel of her car and through the course of their interaction, ended up purchasing her gas and a hotel room.

When the officers initially made contact with the woman, they recognized that she was homeless and going through a difficult time.  The female was initially standoffish with the officers, but as they continued to speak with her, and showed her that they cared, she became more comfortable with them and opened up about her situation.

The officers learned that the female was almost out of money and gas.  They asked the female if they could purchase her gas for her car.  The woman was moved by the act and allowed the officers to follow her to a nearby gas station to fill her tank.  After filling her tank, the officers asked the woman to follow them to a nearby hotel where they purchased her a room with their own money.

Neither officer tried to take credit for this interaction.  They never spoke of the incident when they returned to the precinct that day.  A supervisor conducting a routine body-worn camera audit located the interaction.  The conduct of these two officers displayed during a seemingly routine police/citizen interaction is an example of officers going above and beyond to help the community that they serve, oftentimes with no desire for recognition.


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