Gwinnett Police prepare ahead of election day

(Lawrenceville, Ga., November 2, 2020) – The Gwinnett County Police Department has developed an action plan ahead of Election Day on November 3rd to ensure that citizens are able to safely cast their votes.  

The police department wants to share with the public that it has not received any credible or actionable threats related to disturbances of elections in Gwinnett County. The department has made preparations, along with local city departments and the Sheriff’s Department, to create a response plan for increased patrols and checks of local polling stations.  The department has also increased its available manpower for Election Day and the week ahead.  As with any other day of the year, the department wants to remind people that if they see something suspicious, or witness any public safety issue, to immediately call 911 and report it.

People should be prepared to potentially wait in lines while at polling locations.  Operational staff will continue to monitor the day’s activities to ensure that people are able to feel safe.  The goal will be to establish a presence, act as a deterrence, and make our residents feel safe and comfortable.

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