Gwinnett Police Seeking Volunteer Chaplains

GWINNETT – The Gwinnett County Police Department is seeking volunteers to participate in the department’s chaplain program. Applicants from all religious denominations are welcome, but must serve in a nondenominational manner while acting as chaplain. Chaplains are needed to assist with the wellness of all members of the department by providing spiritual counseling, guidance, insight, and providing support for community members during the delivery of tragic information or following a traumatic event.

– Applicants must be an ordained member of the clergy and must have been ordained for at least two years.
– Applicants must provide a letter of good standing from their ordaining organization.
– Applicants must be engaged in ministry as a principal vocation in life for a minimum of two years.
– Applicants must provide a résumé indicating their relevant experience and why they are interested in the position.
– Applicants must pass a panel interview with the Chaplain Program Coordinator, existing chaplains, and other members of the police department.
– Applicants must possess good moral character and a broad base of experience, emotional stability and excellent interpersonal communication skills.
– Applicants must be able to maintain confidentiality unless there is a conflict with state or federal law.

Please click HERE for more information and to apply.

News release courtesy of the Gwinnett County Police Department.

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