Gwinnett woman charged with terroristic threats, including on police and business locations

(Lilburn, Georgia)  A Gwinnett County woman has been arrested and charged with making terroristic threats and transmitting a false public alarm after phoning in mass killing events to the Gwinnett County Police Departments South Precinct and the Lilburn location of Lowes, across the street from the precinct.

According to a press release from GCPD, “On Tuesday, February 25, at 3:40 pm, the GCPD 911 Center received a phone call from a woman identifying herself as “Jessica” and stated that she was across the street from the South Precinct (2180 Stone Drive, Lilburn) and that ‘a lot of people are going to die today.’ About 30 minutes later, another phone call was received from the same phone number.  This time, the suspect did not provide their name but stated that they were going to kill everyone at the South Precinct with an AK-47.”

GCPD report that the following day, the woman called 911 claiming to have a bomb at Lowe’s and the “everyone was going to die.” She allegedly did the same thing again on Thursday, Feb. 26. On both occasions, the store was searched, but nothing found.

The lead detective assigned to this case identified a possible name and phone number belonging to a Lithonia woman.  Detectives visited her home and arrested Jheri Leil Polite, 35.  She is currently incarcerated at the Gwinnett County Jail charged with terroristic threats and transmitting a false public alarm.


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