Happy Birthday: Loganville’s Edith Glass celebrates her 100th Birthday

Born 100 years ago today in Clyde, N.C., Southern Plantation resident Edith Glass began celebrating her 100th birthday early at a birthday party thrown for her Tuesday this week by the Loganville Historical Society and Southern Plantation. Then she went out to vote.

“It may be the last time I vote,” Glass said, but those at her birthday party doubt that. Her son pointed out that when his mother was born, women did not have that right. Before heading to the polls, the sprightly centenarian first got to open her gifts, sing along with music supplied for her birthday party, chat with those who were in attendance and enjoy some of her birthday cake.

“I don’t believe I’ve had a birthday celebration like this before,” she said. “This is wonderful.”

And on Nov. 8, her official birthdate, she got a visit from Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez who delivered a proclamation from the City.

Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez wishes a Happy Birthday to Edith Glass on her 100th Birthday. Contributed photo.

Glass was the sixth born and only daughter in a family of seven children. Her father sold goods for a hardware store and her mother was a homemaker and tended to the farm.

“I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina where the cows and the sheep had two short legs and two long legs,” Glass said to laughter. “Those mountains were so high they needed that to climb them.”

Glass went on to earn a degree in education, marry a man she met in her biology class and taught for 30 years in the Atlanta School System. She and her husband, Victor, had two sons, Reeder from Atlanta, Ga. and Brian from Social Circle, who were both at her birthday party on Tuesday to celebrate with her. She lost her husband in 1995 after 55 years of marriage and lived alone in Snellville before her family felt it was probably not a good idea for her to continue doing so. They thanked Southern Plantation for making their mother feel so at home and Glass herself said she loved living there and was thrilled at the attention given to her birthday.

Photo Gallery – Ms. Edith Glass celebrates her 100th Birthday in Loganville, Ga.

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