Historical donation made to Monroe Museum

By Stephen Milligan - the walton tribune

Shown above are, from left, Jimmy Norton, Don Bumgardner, Dexter Adams, John Sorrels, Rusty Horton, Tom Chamberlain
Bill Dobbs, Steve Brown and Mayor John Howard. Photo credit: Stephen Milligan – the Walton tribune

Compatriots of the George Walton chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution were joined by Mayor John Howard along with Monroe Museum Historian Steve Brown and Vice President Dexter Adams for a ceremonial presentation last Tuesday.

The event surrounded a donation of artwork entitled “George Washington in Savannah 1791.” This was commissioned to commemorate Washington’s southern colony tour and depicts the first recorded landing in Savannah following successful battle. Walton County is home to many Revolutionary Ancestors, many of whose gravesites have been expertly recorded by Dexter and Sam Adams of Monroe.

Steve Brown of the museum graciously accepted the signed work saying “The connection to many of Waltons founding families endures to this day. Our preservation and detailed record efforts support that.”

The George Walton Chapter was represented by Chapter Vice President Rusty Horton appearing in period correct uniform along with Chapter President Tom Chamberlain, Past State President Bill Dobbs and other compatriots. Chamberlains’ remarks included the need for awareness and outreach to grow this service organization and its symbiotic mission to that of the Monroe Museum.

“Greater Walton County is replete with revolutionary family descendants that founded our Nation; we want them in our ranks,” remarked membership director Jimmy Norton.

To learn more about these entities and their missions visit monroegamuseum.org and georgewaltonsar.org

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