Honoring and paying homage to Veterans – past and present

By Tommy Hatton

The youngest auxiliary member, Shyanne Hasel, daughter of member Susan and Reese Hasel and granddaughter of Legionnaire Tommy and Judy Hatton, stands by Larry A. Hoff’s cross. Photo credit: Tommy Hatton

In honor of Veterans Day and to pay homage and respect to deceased post and community veterans, Barrett-Davis-Watson American Legion Post 233 and Unit 233 members and volunteers assembled to erect memory crosses in front of the post.

The picture taken is showing Shyanne Hasel the youngest auxiliary member standing by Larry A. Hoff”s cross. Shyanne is the daughter of member Susan Hasel and Reese Hasel, also the granddaughter of Legionnaire Tommy and Judy Hatton.

Shyanne is showing her patriotism by being a part of honoring the veterans who have fought for the freedoms for which this great nation stands.

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