Howard, Dickinson and Price win Monroe and Social Circle Runoff elections

When all the votes were counted on Tuesday, John Howard will be the next mayor of Monroe and David Dickinson will be the City Councilman for District 8. In Social Circle, Traysa Price won the District 1 seat on the Social Circle City Council.

Results of Runoff Election for Monroe Mayor

John Howard                           718 votes       62 percent

Sandra Shurling                      440 votes      38 percent

Total votes cast                      1158 votes

This was just 134 votes short of the 1292 ballots cast in the General Municipal Elections last month. In the General Election for mayor of Monroe on Nov. 7, 2017, Howard got 41.42 percent of the vote with 536 votes, falling short of the 50 plus one percent needed to win the election outright. Shurling got 383 votes, 10 more than incumbent Mayor Greg Thompson, who was not able to make it to the runoff despite a recount.

Results of Runoff Election for Monroe City Council District 8

David Dickinson                      286 votes      52.48 percent

Lidia Garrett                             259 votes      47.52 percent

Total votes cast                       545 votes

This was 10 more votes than the 535 ballots that were cast in the General Election last month for District 8. In that election, Dickinson got 194 votes and Garrett got 183, qualifying them for a place on the runoff ballot. Incumbent District 8 City Councilman Jimmy Richardson got 158, effectively ending his reelection bid. Lidia Garrett is the wife of Monroe City Councilman Norman Garrett.

Results of Runoff Election for Social Circle City Council District 1

Traysa Price                             118 votes          52.68 percent

Tim Haney                               106 votes         47.32 percent

Total votes cast                       224 votes

In Social Circle, the Runoff Election also brought out 6 more voters than the original election in November for District 1, in which 218 residents voted. On Nov. 7, Haney and Price each received 98 votes, giving them a 44.95 percent tie. Adolphus Gaither received 22 votes, the remaining 10 percent.

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