Howard to lead City of Monroe for next 4 years

Walton County Board of Elections will certify the election results from the municipal elections of Nov. 2 at the board meeting on Monday. But unofficial results say that voters in Monroe have given Monroe Mayor John Howard another four years to lead the city into the next 200 years. This month, the city celebrates its bicentennial.

Of the 2,143 votes cast, Howard got 1,298 or 61 % of the vote to challenger Emilio Kelly’s 845 or 39% of the vote.

“After a tough fight, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the work put in by all candidates. My opponent has worked tirelessly and exposed some areas where we need to focus our efforts. We want to be the Best Small Town in America for everyone in Monroe, and we will continue to welcome anyone who wants to help make our part of the world a better place. I hope Mr. Kelly will continue to be involved in our positive direction. He is a nice man with so much to offer,” Howard said of his reelection.

For his part, Kelly congratulated Howard on his win in a released statement thanking his supporters and vowing to continue to work for OneMonroe.

“Until next time despite what side you’re on let’s ALL work to make Monroe a #OneMonroe so we can then say this is OurMonroe,” Kelly said. “And to the mayor elect, John Howard, congrats sir.”

Howard congratulated Councilman David Dickinson who also won reelection and expressed his disappointment in District 3 Councilman Ross Bradley coming up short.

“I know Ross Bradley will continue to give his all for Monroe, and we welcome Charles Boyce to our team. He ran a heckuva campaign,” Howard said. “Congratulations to David Dickinson; he loves Monroe, and his actions speak volumes. I am so excited to serve another four years with him!”

Newcomer Boyce received 252 of the 483 votes cast in District 3 or 52 % of the vote to Bradley’s 231 or 48 % of the District 3 vote. In District 8, Dickinson received 519 or 65 % of the 796 votes cast to William Owens 277 or 35 % of the vote.

Councilman Tyler Gregory was unopposed and received 155 votes.

County-wide, 3,863 or 66 % of the 5,818 votes were cast approving continuation of the Education Local Option Sales tax. Votes against were 1,955 or 34 %.

The elected mayor and candidates will be sworn in to take office in January 2022.

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