Hurricane Elites bring Home AAU GA District Champions and Qualifiers

By BreAnn Robinson - Hurricane Elites founder and coach

Excel at Adidas National Track Meet

Contributed photo: From left, coaches Dexter McCloud, BreAnn Robinson and Arthur James. Not pictured is field Coach Khadiyja KempMasters.

The Hurricane Elites Track Club has had a remarkable season, bringing home AAU GA District championships and national honors from the prestigious Adidas National Track Meet. Their athletes not only set numerous personal records but also clinched multiple medals, showcasing their talent and determination. 

Among the standout performances were Amaria Lumpkin, Dasiya Jones, and Skylar Blythers, the club’s youngest competitors. These nine- and ten-year-olds went head-to-head with middle schoolers aged 11-14 and held their own impressively. Skylar, in particular, has been a consistent force, demonstrating increased strength and speed.  She is a top discus and shot put competitor in her age group and is emerging as a dominant 400M sprinter! Amaria is making strides in the long jump, while Dasiya is making some waves in the 100M! 

Kaelyn Ansley, competing with high schoolers, also shone brightly. Despite a spring season hampered by a hip strain, she proved her competitiveness and resilience. She grabbed a 6th place finish for long jump and top 10 for 200M! Derrick Bailey made a strong comeback in the long jump, improving from 10th place last year to being one of four middle schoolers to jump over 20 feet this year. He too snatched a medal for 4th place in long jump. 

Brielle has emerged as a 400M sprinter to watch. As she gets stronger and faster, her confidence continues to rise. Sophia is showing that she can be competitive as a 100M/200M sprinter, as well as in the long jump. These young ladies will be sophomores and are determined to be the best in their region. Additionally, the freshman 4×100 girls relay team ran an impressive time of 50.09, beating out some top high school juniors and seniors!

Newcomers Jaylin Battle, Christian Wilburn, Vashon Sandifer Jr., and Kyric Syms made significant impacts in the middle school division. Jaylin has established himself as a top contender in the 100M, 200M. First time running summer track and his speed and quickness are getting the attention of top schools. Christian emerged from the shadows with impressive times in the 400M and 100M. Setting himself up to be a top 400M sprinter for his incoming freshman year. Kyric showed determination in the triple jump and long jump, and Vashon demonstrated versatility across sprint events. Kyric and Vashon will be top contenders for their respective middle schools next season. 

High school newcomers Kaliyah Ansley, Jack Holder, Azarriea Brown, Jalen Willis, and Brent Chay also made notable contributions. Azarriea is poised to excel in shot put and discus, while Jalen and Brent are set for a strong senior year in the long jump and triple jump. Jack showcased his grit and determination in distance events, while Kaliyah is demonstrating that she is ready to emerge as a long jumper! Trenton Parks and Max Denmark have been training but we are excited at their progression. 

We cannot forget about Hurricane Elites Master Athlete Carlos Larry!! She competed at the Southwest Region Masters Championship in Houston, TX, and is now ranked #1 in the United States for the Women’s 50-year-old Hammer

 AAU GA District Track Meet Champions – 

11U Girls Shot Put and Discus Champion: Skylar Blythers 

14U Girls 400M Champion**: Kaelyn Ansley 

15/16 Boys 100M/200M Champion:  Jaylin Battle  

Qualifiers for AAU Region 8 Qualifier in Columbia, SC (June 27-30, 2024) – 

**Discus**: Skylar, Azarriea 

**Shot Put**: Skylar, Azarriea 

**Long Jump**: Derrick, Jalen, Brent, Amaria, Ky, Kaelyn, Brielle, Sophia 

**Triple Jump**: Brielle, Ky, Brent 

**1500M**: Lauryn, Jack 

 **800M**: Lauryn 

**400M**: Kaelyn, Skylar, Brielle, Jaylin, VJ **200M**: Jaylin, Kaelyn, VJ, Derrick 

**100M**: Jaylin, VJ, Kaelyn, Derrick 

 Results from Adidas National Track Meet 

**Championship Boys TJ**: Brent (23rd out of 40) – **National Elite Boys Mile**: Jack (63rd out of 63) – **National Elite Boys LJ**: Jalen (15th), Brent (47th out of 113) 

 **National Elites Girls 4×100**: Alana, Sophia, Brielle, Kaelyn 27th out of 53 – **Freshman Elite Girls 100M**: Sophia (30th out of 68) – **Freshman Elite Girls 200M**: Kaelyn (9th), Sophia (42nd), Brielle (55th out of 71) 

 **Freshman Elite Girls 400M**: Kaelyn (18th), Brielle (60th out of 76) 

**Freshman Elite Girls LJ**: Kaelyn (6th), Kaliyah (35th out of 35) 

**Middle School Girls LJ**: Amaria (50th out of 51) – **Middle School Girls 100M**: Amaria (77th), Dasiya(67th out of 77) 

**Middle School Girls 200M**: Dasiya (82nd), Amaria (83rd out of 83) 

**Middle School Girls 400M**: Lauryn (42nd), Skylar (61st out of 73) 

**Middle School Girls 800M**: Lauryn (30th out of 53) 

 **Middle School Girls One Mile**: Lauryn (41st out of 43) 

**Middle School Girls Discus**: Skylar (15th out of 20) 

**Middle School Girls Shot Put**: Skylar (14th out of 31) 

**Middle School Boys LJ**: Derrick (4th), Ky (42nd out of 45) 

**Middle School Boys 100M**: Jaylin (2nd), Derrick (12th), Christian (15th), Ky (74th out of 80) – **Middle School Boys 200M**: Jaylin (2nd), Derrick (13th), Christian (30th out of 69) 

 **Middle School Boys 400M**: Christian (26th), Ky (63rd out of 78) 

 The Hurricane Elites continue to impress, demonstrating their hard work and commitment. The future looks bright for these talented athletes as they prepare for the remainder of the summer season.

Contributed photo: Hurricane Elites

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