Incident report shows previous issues between Loganville mayor, postmaster

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The April incident at the Loganville Post Office involving mayor Skip Baliles has continued to generate talk on various social media outlets.

Baliles admitted to urinating at the post office site while he was picking up trash. The mayor has not been charged with a crime in the incident and he issued a lengthy statement after the situation came to light.

The incident report obtained from the Loganville Police Department seems to show a previous rift between Baliles and Postmaster Laura Spencer concerning the mayor wanting to pick up trash at the location. 

Mayor Baliles said he knows some of his political opponents will have a field day with this incident. Some online posters have said the Postmaster didn’t like the mayor wanting her to keep the location clean.

The entire police incident report reads as follows:

“On April 18, 2023 at approximately 1:40 p.m. I was contacted via telephone at the Loganville Police Department in reference to an incident that occurred at the Loganville U.S. Post Office. I spoke with Ms. Laura Spencer, the Postmaster for the Loganville Post Office. Ms. Spencer stated she had an issue with City of Loganville Mayor Skip Baliles. 

“I asked Ms. Spencer if she could explain what her issue was with Mr. Baliles. Ms. Spencer stated she was sitting in her office at the Post Office located on the far right side of the building next to the driveway that leads through a gate for the postal trucks to enter. Ms. Spencer stated while she and one of her supervisory personal where talking. she observed a black mini van pull up to the gate across the driveway from her office window. She stated she observed Mr. Baliles get out of his mini van and approach the rear of his vehicle. Ms. Spencer stated Mr. Baliles then opened the hatch of his mini van. She stated Mr. Baliles then walked to the passenger side of his mini van and began urinating on some bushes located beside the driveway leading back to the Post Office worker drop off and the side of IHOP.

“Ms. Spencer stated she immediately walked outside to confront Mr. Baliles about the incident. She stated as she was walking down the sidewalk towards Mr. Baliles he was walking from around his mini van zipping up his pants. Ms. Spencer stated she approached Mr. Baliles and asked him why he just urinated on the side of his vehicle where all the customers could see him. She stated Mr. Baliles responded with ‘I didn’t think anyone would be able to see me.’ Ms. Spencer said she advised Mr. Baliles to not do that anymore and he responded ok and left. 

“I asked Ms. Spencer if she or any of her personnel saw any of Mr. Baliles body parts and she stated no.

“Ms. Spencer went on to say she has had several encounters with Mr. Baliles over the past few weeks. I asked her if the encounters were of the same nature and she stated no. Ms. Spencer stated Mr. Baliles has approached her on several occasions asking if she would like for him to pick up the trash around the Post Office and he would also ask if she would like for him to cut the grass at the Post Office. Ms. Spencer stated she told Mr. Baliles no and that she just wanted him to stay away from the property. 

“I advised Ms. Spencer that if she would like to pursue charges for this incident she would need to file a complaint with the Postal Inspectors Office. I also advised Ms. Spencer that I didn’t believe we could Criminal Trespass anyone from the Post Office property and that would be another question for the Postal Inspectors Office. I did explain to Ms. Spencer that this incident would be documented and if she had any further incidents occur to email me or call me so I could document the incident.”

City officials have declined to comment further on the incident. Calls to the Loganville Post Office have not been returned.

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