Incumbents come out on top in Walton County Primary Elections Tuesday

With 100% of the votes in, the unofficial results for the May 24, 2022 Primary and Non Partisan Elections in Walton County had the incumbents securing the wins Tuesday night. In most cases, with no opposition in November, it has also secured their reelection.

In the case of Walton County District 5 Board Commissioner Jeremy Adams, however, it secured his Republican nomination but he will now go on to face Democrat Adrienne M Dowdy Odum in November. Adams was able to beat out Republican challenger Laurie Hawks by earning 65.03 % of the vote.

In the Walnut Grove Special Councilmember Election, Erica Miles beat out Dominic Digrado to win the seat. She took 58.33 % of the vote.

Alcovy Circuit Superior Court Judges Cheveda McCamy and Layla Zon, both appointees of Gov. Brian Kemp, secured a full term by running unopposed for their seats on the bench. McCamy received 18,531 votes and Zon received 18,617 votes.

Full (unofficial results) as per the Georgia Secretary of State website are as follows:

County Commission, District 1

Bo Warren (I) (unopposed) 100 % 2,461 votes

County Commission, District 4

Lee Bradford (I) 73.21 % 2,818 votes
Jamie McCord 20.34 % 783 votes

*Kevin Kelley 6.44 % 248 votes

Total votes 3,849

*Kevin Kelley was on the ballot and received 6.44 % of the vote, but he had already dropped out of the race.

County Commission, District 5 (Republican)

Jeremy Adams (I) 65.03 % 2,585 votes
Laurie Hawks 34.97 % 1,390 votes

Total votes 3,975

County Commission, District 5 (Democrat)

Adrienne N. Dowdy Odum 100 % 301 votes

Walton County Board of Education
Districts 1, 2 and 5 were on the ballot but in each case the incumbents qualified and received no opposition.

Simoan Capers Baker (D) – District 1 100 % 455 votes
Karen Brown (R) – District 2 100 % 3,360 votes
Tom Gibson (R) – District 5 100 % 1,877 votes

Walnut Grove Special Councilmember

Dominic Digrado 41.67 % 100 votes

Erica Miles 58.33 % 140 votes

Total Votes 240

Superior Court Judges – Alcovy Circuit

Cheveda D. McCamy (I) 100 % 18,531 votes

Layla H. Zon (I) 100 % 18,617 votes

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