Insurify: Loganville drivers worst in Georgia and 17th worst in the nation

Loganville often makes it onto a list of the safest cities in Georgia and, according to the latest list from Safewise, it is currently sitting at No. 20. However, you’re apparently not quite so safe if you’re sharing the road with Loganville’s drivers. Insurify has identified Loganville drivers as the worst in the state –  and when it comes to the worst in the nation, Loganville drivers are right up there at No. 17.

17. Loganville, Georgia

  • Percentage of drivers with a prior incident: 27.83%
  • Population: 12,532
  • Driving-related fatalities per 100,000 people (state-wide): 14.8

“These figures were gathered from car owners applying for auto insurance on Insurify’s quote comparison service. Drivers seeking coverage must disclose their driving history from the past seven years or the application is fraudulent,” said Kacie Saxer-Taulbee with Insurify. “Loganville was the city in Georgia with the highest percentage of these applicants reporting a prior traffic offense.”

Saxer-Taulbee said Insurify lets you compare quotes from top national and regional insurance companies in 2 minutes, and buy your policy online or over the phone in 5 minutes. The citations counted for the research were not necessarily received driving on local roads. Citations received anywhere helped Loganville drivers earn this reputation.

“To determine which cities had the largest percentage of drivers with one or more traffic incidents (including at-fault accidents, DUIs, speeding, etc) from the past seven years, the data scientists at Insurify analyzed their database of over 1.6 million auto insurance applications,” Saxer-Taulbee said.

More information about the study and the full top 20 list of cities can be found here.

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