Interview with Monroe’s ‘Christmas Lady’ on what goes into her traditional Christmas House

The Christmas House at 261 Double Springs Road in Monroe is an annual tradition that will get anyone into the Christmas Spirit. Shirley Smith goes all out to celebrate Christmas, beginning in August each year decorating her home, inside and out, in true Christmas splendor. This year she was again gracious enough to allow us to take the photographs for the article on how to stay healthy over the holidays for the 2021 Fall Winter Issue of Walton Living Magazine.

Darrell Everidge, who was the photographer for the magazine story, sat down with Shirley Smith, aka the Christmas Lady, to find out about this festive tradition. Click on the link below to watch the interview and see some more of the Christmas decor on Youtube.

Click or tap on this link to read more from the story on how to stay healthy over this very tempting holiday eating season.

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