It’s back – Popeye’s in Monroe ups staff to handle re-release of chicken sandwich

Popeyes  Chicken Sandwich will officially return nationwide tomorrow, Nov. 3, and Popeye’s in Monroe has upped its staff to handle the rush.

“We hired 10 team members just for the demand,” said Hasan Masters, owner of Popeye’s in Monroe.

The restaurant also began selling the sandwich Friday in a soft launch so it is already available in Monroe – you don’t even have to wit until tomorrow.

Photo credit: Popeye’s

Popeyes Sandwich Mania hit hot and heavy in August, causing long lines and disappointed foodies as the sandwiches sold out. The franchise is promising that they have hired about 400 new employees to handle the rush this time and don’t expect to run out again. They were not ready last time, but promise that this time they are.

And in a Youtube ad with a subtle dig at chicken sandwich competitor Chick-fil-A, they are reminding customers that the sandwiches will be available on Sundays.

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