Jaylin Battle of Carver Middle Track and Field wins 1st Place at State

by Sarah Watts from Walton Youth News

How Jaylin achieved his success after only two seasons in the sport

Carver Coach Sally Conigilio and State Champion Jaylin Battle. Contributed photo

“When I saw Jaylin Battle run for the very first time at the after school program at Carver Middle, I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I was watching a champion.” Pastor Thomas Pinkerton’s statement ended up being spot on!

Jaylin Battle, eighth grade track runner for Carver Middle School, won first place at the Georgia State Championship Track Meet this year in both the 100 meter and 200 meter dash – but that’s not all! Jaylin’s remarkable achievements at state continued when his team won second place in the 100-meter relay and third place in the 400-meter relay. Additionally, Jaylin won against several prestigious track clubs and schools such as Drive Phase Academy, Edge Running Club, Atlanta Track Club, Woodward Academy, and Drew Charter!

Left: Battle at the state track meet; Right, Savanna Cowert and Sarah Watts, WYP reporters with Jaylin and medals. Contributed photos

Head track coach at Carver Middle School, Sally Coniglio, known as Coach C, revealed that Jaylin took 2 seconds off of his 200-meter dash time from last season, Jaylin’s first season, when he secured first runner up at State. This drastic improvement is impressive, especially for an athlete who has only been on Carver Middle’s track team for two seasons!

Jaylin’s success is the result of extensive training both physically and mentally and his commendable dedication to track. His ability, devotion, kindness, and humility are the attributes that truly set Jaylin apart. Coach C is extremely proud of Jaylin and the work he continues to pour into track. In our recent interview, she immediately began discussing Jaylin’s motivation and talent in all areas of his life.

Coach C was quick to say that Jaylin “is not only an amazing athlete but a very academically motivated student.” She is beyond thrilled with Jaylin’s talent and character and is excited to see what is next for Jaylin’s career with track. Jaylin is an excellent role model for his team, and his school, on and off the track.

During an interview with myself and fellow WYP Newspaper reporter Savanna Cowart, Jaylin kindly credited his coach for her help in preparing him for his races saying that “Coach C has been one of his biggest role models and inspirations.”

1st place podium for Jaylin. Contributed photo

In addition to the support and encouragement from his coaches, Jaylin has two important disciplines before each race. When asked how Jaylin prepares for an event, he answered “I pray to God before every race and I take stretching seriously.”

There is so much more to running than just the physical aspect of speed and endurance. Track also takes mature, mental discipline, something Jaylin has always possessed.

Before each race, Coach C tells her athletes to “visualize their perfect race and, even though track meets have so many kids, to stay focused on their event.” This advice helps each athlete to remain collected, stay confident in their ability, and provides a reminder to give their event everything they have.

It seems Jaylin’s success is a perfect example of Coach C’s words. Jaylin not only possesses great talent in track, but he is also humble and committed to his team, his coach, and his talent.

Many congratulations to Jaylin Battle for his success this season and best of luck in future endeavors on and off the track!

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