Jury convicts woman who struck pedestrian in cross walk on South Madison Avenue

WALTON COUNTY, GA (Nov. 22, 2023) Alcovy Judicial Circuit Court District Attorney Randy McGinley recently confirmed that a Walton County jury found Patricia Prosser guilty of Serious Injury by Vehicle, Driving Under the Influence of Methamphetamine, Hit and Run, Failure to Report an Accident, and Failure to Yield to Pedestrian in Crosswalk.

The jury returned a guilty verdict after deliberating for just 11 minutes. Eyewitnesses, medical personnel, and law enforcement as well as the victim testified.

The conviction stems from the Oct. 30, 2021 hit and run that seriously injured a woman in the marked crosswalk on S. Madison Ave. near the Engine Room in Monroe. According to McGinley, the defendant was driving south and did not yield as required by law, and as signs clearly states.

“The defendant struck the victim with her car; the victim traveled up onto the windshield of the defendant’s vehicle before being thrown into the other lane of travel. The victim was struck by another vehicle traveling the opposite direction as the defendant (this other driver stopped as required by law),” McGinley reported in a Walton County District Attorney social media post. “The victim suffered numerous injuries including severe lacerations and road rash, laceration of internal organs, and multiple broken bones in different areas of her body.

“Another driver who witnesses this began to follow Prosser’s vehicle and called 911. Officers with the City of Monroe Police Department were able to respond quickly and find the defendant as she pulled into a driveway. The defendant attempted to claim that someone threw something at her car. The Georgia State Patrol was called to assist in the investigation. Troopers interviewed multiple witnesses at the scene on S. Madison. Then they went to the defendant’s location. Monroe Officers and Troopers, based on their interactions with Prosser, began to suspect that she was under the influence of drugs. A Trooper conducted Field Sobriety Tests that showed signs of impairment. The Defendant admitted to smoking methamphetamine earlier that day. The Defendant agreed to a provide a urine sample at the hospital. That was sent to the GBI Crime Lab which later showed that the Defendant was positive for methamphetamine.”

The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Ayman Tartir, Deputy Chief Investigator Eric Yarbrough, Victim Services Director Kim Kelly, and Senior Legal Assistant Melanie Sims. After the verdict, Prosser was taken into custody. A sentencing hearing has been set for December 20.

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