Katie’s compassion: From burglary to blessings – A Christmas Story

The day that Katie Perkins had the Grand Opening of her restaurant, Katie’s Kitchen on C.S. Floyd Road in Loganville, she found out she had been burglarized. Not really the way you usually want to start off a new business. The police were called, but Katie was not as interested in laying charges as she was in the reason behind the burglary.

“What we noticed was that it was not even money or computers, it was just food,” Katie said. “When the police asked if I wanted to file charges, I said ‘No, because all they were was hungry. There was so much they could have taken but they just chose food.’ So all they were was homeless and hungry. The next week we had an amazing family come in that didn’t have money that needed to be fed – and of course we did. That’s what we’re here to do as human being. It’s to help others.”

Katie then went on to develop a plan that gives others who want to help people in need purchase an extra meal when they leave, and leave the receipt on the door. Someone who is hungry, and may not have the means to get a good solid meal, can be blessed by taking a receipt for one from someone in the community who wanted to pass on a blessing themselves. The idea caught on and the community compassion can be seen by the many receipts on the door.

But it didn’t stop there, Katie found out that there were more people in the community than people realize who are struggling financially to a point of actually going hungry. And for them, Christmas was going to be really tough this year. And nothing is harder than not being in a position to give your loved ones, especially your children, a traditional Christmas with gifts and the all the fixings. Children just don’t understand.

So from that burglary came a Christmas blessing on Christmas Eve that involved many in the community, including Katie’s Kitchen, its customers, local businesses, churches and the Loganville Police and Fire Departments.

Photos are from Katie’s Kitchen Facebook page.

“This morning was absolutely amazing. I cannot thank everyone enough,” Katie said in thanking all of the people involved in helping. Katie’s Kitchen got to serve a Christmas Eve meal, along with decorating of gingerbread houses, and the giving of gifts that had been donated and wrapped. Even Santa and the Grinch came out for the occasion.

Katie Perkins of Katie’s Kitchen with “Santa Barry” at Katie’s Kitchen on Christmas Eve 2023.

“This was the best Christmas ever,” Katie said – making sure to give credit to everybody who helped. “Our community is absolutely amazing. What big giving hearts yall have. This is what the true meaning of Christmas is about. Coming together and helping. I am in awe. The smiles on these kiddos faces is everything. This could not have been pulled off without all of you. My gosh, yall are amazing. I am sooo proud to be a part of this community.

You can find out more information of Katie’s Kitchen Family Style Restaurant in the Loganville Insider at this Link. Katie’s Kitchen is located at 157 C.S. Floyd Road in Loganville.

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