Kemp signs Executive Order outlining procedures for opening up the state

Despite the objections of the president, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed an Executive Order Thursday outlining the procedures necessary for Georgia businesses to begin returning to a new normal form of operation.

On Monday, Kemp announced the beginnings of the opening up of some businesses, including gyms, spas, barbers, hairdressers, aestheticians, and body art businesses. This announcement resulted in an outcry from many, including President Donald Trump, who expressed his displeasure on Wednesday and then again more pointedly on Thursday, when he said very definitely, “I am not happy with Brian Kemp.”

The major objection was these businesses were not the right ones to with which to begin the return to business. They are all close contact type businesses. On Tuesday, Kemp shared the guidelines from the Georgia Board of Cosmetology and Barbers for those businesses to begin opening up. His new Executive Order issued Thursday evening extends the Shelter in Place orders until May 13, 2020, for people over 65 and those with compromised immune systems. It also outlines in detail the rules for restaurants to begin again offering dine-in, in a limited capacity. Those businesses can begin doing so on Monday, April 27, under the guidelines given. The Executive Order also includes specific guidelines for other non-essential as well as essential businesses that may continue operations in this new normal.

The 26-page Executive Order titled “Reviving a Healthy Georgia” with these specifics can be found at this link.

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