Kidney Donor board in Between has a new name of someone in search of a kidney donor

BETWEEN, GA (Dec. 28, 2023) – Last month, Shelby Davis’ name was removed from the sign that stands alongside Highway 78 in Between broadcasting the name of someone in need of a kidney donor – and this time it was for a good reason. The wish was that she get a donor in time for Christmas 2022, and, of course, in time to save her life. Christmas 2022 came and went without a donor, but that changed last month. She was able to get a donor, and the surgery, in time for Christmas 2023.

Now there is a new name on the board, and another wish – this time that Melody Howington, 47, is able to get a donor in time to save her life and in time for her to be healthy again by Christmas 2024.

Melody has end-stage Kidney failure and is in her fifth year of dialysis.

According to her brother, Brian Beam, treatments are not doing as well as were hoped for and a kidney transplant is the only option left in order for her to stay alive – and this is not her first transplant.

“Her kidney failures were caused by medications to keep her liver from rejecting,” he said. “She received a liver transplant in 1993 after discovering she had liver disease during a blood drive while she was in ROTC in high school. They found it in her blood.”

“I can only have a transplant if I have a living donor because of other health conditions and all the family members that have been tested have been disqualified for various reasons,” Melody wrote on her donor page on the National Kidney Registry. “Even if you decide not to donate, please consider sharing my information with others who may consider donation.”

Melody is Type A+ blood and she is registered on the National Kidney Registry. You can register to donate at, 888-605-5888.

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