L.E.A.P. Students at Bay Creek Elementary Give Back, Build Website for Loganville Legacy Lions Club

Press release from Loganville Legacy Lions

Loganville, Ga. – The students in Jamie Dempsey (Mr. D)’s after school L.E.A.P. education and enrichment program class aren’t only learning “the three R’s,” they’re also learning life lessons from outside the schoolroom. Over the seven years Dempsey has taught fourth- and fifth- graders, they have broached subjects such as homelessness, small business, and local politics. For three years, classes have given back to the school itself, constructing picnic tables donated by the local Home Depot and Lowes. This year, however, technology seems to be in the front of students’ minds.

“Kids spend so much time on their computers! It seemed like a great idea to put some of that screen-time to good use, and show students that they can do something that is fun, creative, and uses the electronic tools that they enjoy, to make a difference in the world around them, and maybe even to get a job some day,” Dempsey, who also owns Moosehead Marketing Solutions in Loganville, stated.

After a “client meeting” with Lions Club president Chuck Lynch and Treasurer (and Loganville Mayor-elect) Skip Baliles, the class began work producing a multi-functional website for the Club- with abilities to join the organization, purchase items for sale (proceeds going to local charity work), and even a “Neighbors-In-Need Resource List” with contact information for everything from domestic violence to homeless shelters. It also has a calendar of meetings and events, and other great items.

The students who participated in the project were invited to the last Loganville Legacy Lions Club meeting, held at IHOP the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30, to receive award recognition for their efforts, as well as what every ten or eleven-year-old loves most…dinner!

The award reads:
“Legacy Scholastic Achievement Award- For Outstanding Contribution to the efforts and continued success of the Loganville Legacy Lions Club, as it strives to serve the community. Your involvement has helped shape the city and future of Loganville, and serves as a direct exemplary example to be set for other students, adults and leaders in our city.”

It is signed by President Lynch and Mayor-Elect Baliles

Layla Fair, a student in Mr. D’s class, was amazed that the mayor-elect remembered her from the client meeting at Bay Creek Elementary. “With all the meetings he has and people he knows in the city, the Mayor (elect) remembered ME! Do you think I could go give him a hug?”

The answer was a resounding YES… and a child-like lion’s roar.

The new site can be located at www.LoganvilleLegacyLions.com.

The Loganville Legacy Lions Club serves the greater Loganville area through service projects and community involvement and events that support residents and charitable organizations in our community. They can often be found standing at the drive-through line at Bo Jangles in Loganville on the weekends, soliciting donations to help serve those in need in our community. For more information about the Legacy Lions and the programs they support, visit their NEW site, LoganvilleLegacyLions.com.

For more information about the Nita Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Center L.E.A.P. program in Walton County, please visit walton.k12.ga.us/21stCentury.aspx

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