Large Monroe subdivision development tabled for two months

Issue will be revisited on Dec. 14, 2021

While nobody spoke out at Tuesday’s Monroe City Council Meeting against the 75 homes up for plat review for the Mt. Creek Estates off McDaniel Street, several residents signed up to voice their objections to the River Point subdivision off Double Springs Church Road and Cedar Ridge seeking a plat review for 310 homes.

One by one, residents with homes on Cedar Ridge Road as well as Double Springs Church Road spoke of their concerns about impacts on traffic, schools, police, fire and water and sewer services with an additional 310 homes coming in on top of the Monroe Pavilion scheduled to open in early 2022.

Residents from Double Springs Church Road were concerned with safety issues as well as the condition of the road. The same concerns were voiced by residents with homes on Cedar Ridge Road who also had on occasion had to fish wrecked vehicles out of the creek. Residents asked that city officials consider placing a moratorium on any further development until such time as infrastructure development can catch up.

City officials again explained that both the subdivisions before the council for preliminary plat review were legacy property tracts, which technically means they don’t require rezoning or approval to build as they were approved 15 and 20 years ago and were in keeping with the current zoning.

“As long as the development and building structures conform to the R1 zoning ordinance parameters, the owner can develop and build without any additional special approvals from the Planning & Zoning Commission or City Council,” City administrator Logan Propes had said.

However, council members said they too had the same concerns as residents about the impact that the development would have on traffic and other services, at least until an updated traffic study could be done and the impact on city services could be looked at. The council voted to table the River Point subdivision plat review for two months, until Dec. 14, 2021. City attorney Paul Rosenthal confirmed that it was legally admissible to table the plat review for that period.

The plat review for the 75 homes planned for Mt. Creek Estates off McDaniel Street, however, was approved.

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