Launch and book signing of novel by Monroe author Christy Breedlove

There’s a storm brewing in the Southern town of Greenleaf. Turnip Press invites you to the launch of When Lightning Strikes, a cozy mystery by Christy Breedlove, of Monroe. Breedlove will be at the Monroe-Walton Center for the Arts  from 6 – 8 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 16, to sign your copy of this fun book!

A copy of the book can be purchased from Amazon at this link. gives the following synopsis of the plot.

Sabine Metzke is about to get caught in the downpour of Greenleaf’s quirky citizens and well-preserved secrets. A Texas girl, Sabine, along with her Australian Shepherd, moves from the suburbs of Houston and into her late great-aunt’s house. A journalist at heart, she accepts the offer as a staff writer for Dixie Day’s. The all things southern magazine.

Before the first box is unpacked, Sabine becomes the object of the local welcoming committee of nosy citizens and their steady flow of casseroles. The Chamber of Commerce website left out a few…no a lot of details…about the lack of cultural events. The one glimmer of hope in this eccentric, bucolic town is her new-found friend – Mia Wallis. Together, they create their own style of entertainment and mischief that keeps the new Sheriff Investigator and Fire Chief on their toes.

Sabine’s latest assignment with Dixie Days is to write a feature article about Greenleaf and Jaemore County’s history of moonshine. The attempt to interview Jaemore County’s local historian on moonshine, Edweena Bumpus, becomes more than a benign fact-finding mission

Learn about the quirky citizens of Greenleaf and more this Thursday at the-Monre-Walton Center for the Arts.

Editor’s Note: Christy Breedlove is a local author and contributor to Walton Living Magazine. She is a member of  Walton Writers, a group of local authors who call Walton County home.

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