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dds 2 goWhen one thinks of the Department of Drivers’ Services, as a general rule, one does not immediately then think the word “efficient” or “user friendly.”  And yet, sometimes, that’s exactly what Georgia’s DDS is.

Enter the new App “DDS 2 Go.”  You can find it on Google Play or the Apple Store, and it is free. 

When you download the app, you can either create an account or log in.  If you have already created an account on the DDS website, you can use the same account username and password for the App. 

Once you are in, you will likely be surprised by the wealth of information on the App.  First of all, you can find out the status of your driver’s license.  As I’ve stated in this column many times, your license can be suspended for a number of reasons, and you may or may not get notice of it.  It is a good idea in general to check your driver’s license status from time to time. 

You can also see how many points you have on your license already, and whether you owe any outstanding fees, and when your license expires.  By hitting the “Driver History” button, you can see the traffic tickets you’ve gotten in the past two years.  If you need a longer history, or a copy of it, or a certified copy of it, you can just click a button and order it.

You can take a practice exam for your driver’s test or, if you’re like me and haven’t taken a driver’s test in over 30 years, you can take the practice test for goofers just to see if you’ll pass.  (I did.)  (Phew.)  If you don’t pass, you can re-read the driver’s manual (as well as others for teen drivers and commercial driver’s licenses, motorcycles, and even fishing licenses.) 

There’s a super useful FAQ section, which is so useful it isn’t even called “FAQ” but rather, “How do I….?” (Though there is also a FAQ section, which is also useful.)   It then links to thinks like “Change my name/address” and “Get my License Reinstated” and “Replace Lost/Stolen License/ID.”  Some of these things you can even do through the app without the bother of doing anything as difficult as getting out of your living room. 

In case all the new requirements for what you need to bring with you to renew or update your license have got you confused (which is understandable – it IS confusing) there are painfully specific lists that will be very helpful.

Here’s something I think everyone should do – you can add an emergency contact.  If you get into an accident and you are unconscious or incoherent, wouldn’t you want an emergency contact number associated with your driver’s license?  I know for a fact that my Mom will sleep easier at night knowing that if I get into a catastrophic accident, she will be called first.    

Of course, not everything can be done online or through an app.  Some things require a personal appearance and paperwork.  But not everything, and this app is very clear about which is which.  Before you take off work to do something simple, and before you drive with your license suspended, download this free app and save yourself time!

P.S.  No, DDS did not pay me for this ringing endorsement.  They didn’t even know I wrote this article before I did it.  However, in the interest of disclosure, I did win a small bottle of hand sanitizer with the DDS logo on it by answering a question correctly at a training session. 

Nothing in this article should be construed as legal advice.  It is being offered for informational purposes only, and all opinions contained herein are mine alone.

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