LegalZoom’s Fast Break Small Business Grant Program empowers entrepreneurs

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Local Monroe business awarded $10,000 grant and $500 LegalZoom services through program

LegalZoom, in partnership with the NBA, WNBA, and NBA G League, has launched an initiative to support small business owners and emerging entrepreneurs. The Fast Break Small Business Grant program offers $3 million in funding and services, aiming to provide essential support for businesses to succeed in today’s competitive market.

The program targets both established businesses and startups, offering a range of resources crucial for success. This initiative marks a significant investment in small businesses, providing the most substantial funding distribution in recent years.

Now in its third season, the Fast Break for Small Businesses has become a leading grant program nationally. Among its recipients is Trike Training, a Monroe-based company revolutionizing employee management with innovative training programs. Founded in 2023, Trike Training stands out for its approach and is one of 30 businesses awarded grants through the program.

LegalZoom’s commitment extends beyond financial support, with the Fast Break program serving as a source of encouragement for entrepreneurs. With over 3,150 businesses supported so far, LegalZoom’s dedication to fostering entrepreneurship is evident.

Catherine Davie, Head of Engagement, Impact, and Inclusion at LegalZoom, underscores the importance of supporting small businesses through the Fast Break program.

“In this economy, access to capital and small business services are needed more than ever,” she says. “We are proud to do our part to support them with the essential resources they need to thrive and succeed.”

As the Fast Break for Small Business Program continues to distribute monthly grants until September 13, 2024, LegalZoom remains dedicated to its mission to equip entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to thrive in today’s challenging business landscape. For those eager to learn more about this program, information is available at this link..

Trike Training, located in the Co-Work at Monroe Metro, received a $10,000 grant and $500 worth of LegalZoom services as one of the 30 recipients of the national grants.

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